English names of thought experiments

Achilles and the tortoise
Bat, How is it like to be
Beaming a person
Beetle in the box
Body swap and torture
Book of life
Brain in a vat
Brain replacement
Brownson: Brain swap
Caesar's decision
Chinese nation
Chinese room
Daughter or Clone?
Deluding demon
Divided brain (Parfit)
Divided brain (Reid)
Divided person
Double way home
E. coli's identity
Eternal recurrence
Experience machine
Fake barn country
Falling bodies (Benedetti)
Falling bodies (Galilei)
Fawn, suffering
Gettier cases
Grandfather's murder in time travel
Guy Fawkes continued
Impossible imagination of the unperceived
Infant deity
Infinite monkeys writing Shakespeare
Ingenious physiologist
Inverted spectrum
Haydn or Oyster?
Human amoeba
Kalkutta solution
To Kill a Mandarin
King of China without remembrance
Long-neglected garden
Lost island
Lucretia forged
Mary the color scientist
Mary's banana
Missing shade of blue
Molyneux' problem
Money or pain?
Monster of happiness
Newcomb's problem
No-space world
Officer, boy and general
Pascal's wager
Pierre Menard, author of Quijote
Prediction paradox
Prince and cobbler
Robinson's language
Rylean ancestors
Ship of Theseus
Shmarb's music
Squirrel round and round
Thinking machine
Throwing spears at world's end
Time-freezing world
Trolley problem
Turing machine
Twin earth
Two gods
Two lifes of a person
Unreliable laws of nature
Voluntary prisoner
Willing addict
Zebras and fake donkeys

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